Photography Gear

With all the questions I get about gear, here's is my guide of all the hardware and software I use. Please keep in mind: I'm not overly obsessed with technical things, but I try to find what works for me - and is gear light enough to travel with. No matter what camera you buy or own. The camera itself is often not the decisive factor for a good picture. Good pictures are first and foremost created behind the camera – with the photographer's creativity and knowledge.

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- Sony Alpha 7II* (main use - since 2019)

- Sony Alpha 7R (in repair)*

Sony Alpha ZV-E10L (filming)*

- iPhone 11 Pro Max*

I also own a selection of analog cameras from Zenit, Praktica, Yashika, Polaroid, Exa 1b.


- 35mm - Sony SEL35F28Z*

- 55mm -Sony SEL55F18Z,55 mm*

- 18mm

- 50 mm Petzval

Camera accessories

Tripod (travel)

Tripod (home)

Joby Hybrid Gorillapod*

Mic (film)


SD Cards


- Backpack & Pouch

- Sling

Studio Tech

MacBook Pro 16"

- Hard-drives from SanDisk and WesternDigital

- Really old Dell monitor (looking for a new one ;))

Apple AirPods

Bose Noice Cancellation Headphones


- Adobe Creative Cloud Abo (Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere...)

- Ulysses (writing)

- Format (website)

- Canva (marketing material)

- Audiio (audio stuff)

- Airtable (business stuff)


- Audible & Kindle

- Skillshare

- Domestica


- Lexoffice

- Kontist


Coming soon

Using Format